Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/23/11

  The Magician. All the elements being used to create what you want. This is step one. We learn to take our reality and manipulate it. We learn to channel our energy within and create with intent. This is our first lesson within the Major Arcana cards. I can tell you that the energy will be about finding your inner power. Do you seek information? Then look within for the answer. Actually create your answer. Understand that everything in your environment was brought there and created by you. I always tell my clients that they have the ability to change it, instead of complain about how much they hate it. You must first acknowledge that you can create with intent and not create by default. You can change anything you like about your life. If you wish to have a wonderful life filled with adventure and love...then start to focus on that goal. Let the process take place and enjoy the ride toward greatness. Work through your issues and turn them around. Look at the positive aspect of everything. Anything that comes into your life that may cause confusion or worry is something that also will contain a positive thing attached to it. Find that positive part of the experience and move forward. Eventually you will find that everything really does happen for a reason. Go with your gut instinct and remember that if you are feeling sad, blue, out of sorts, or dis-comfort...then you are focusing on something you do not want in your life. Switch it to something you do want and focus on that item with great intent. Feed it positive vibrations. Feed it love.

  I am a powerful soul that can create joy and happiness in my life.