Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/24/11

  The Queen of Cups. I think of someone being lost within their thoughts. I see someone who is blinded by the light. They are caught up in an illusion. The energy will be about getting lost within our goals and intentions. We seem to think that it is worth it. Worth the pain and heartache. Worth the hard work. Worth the loss of others around us. Actually the goal you have been working towards has caused you to lose sight of the process. It has caused you to shut yourself off from the wonderful gifts that are being given to you. Look around and understand that everything happens for a reason. Heck! I constantly say this to everyone..even myself. I stress the fact that everything within your grasp is an enjoyment. Everything that happens due to your actions are an enjoyment. Do not just focus on one thing or aim sight on just one item in a picture. Look at the whole picture. Look at every detail. Look at all the little notches and brush strokes. Know that you created it. Know that you have been working so hard to create that you lost sight of the miracles happening all around you. Take the time to enjoy your actions and the consequences that are attached to them.

  I am a powerful soul that can create joy and happiness in my life.