Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/28/11

  The Hanged One.
Yesterday I was at Pride and I did 19 Tarot Readings for people who wished to have it done. I enjoyed giving these great and spiritual beings information that helped them move forward in their life. I found that those who were in a relationship, and their partner also got their cards read, the cards were intertwined and would come up almost the same. They shuffled the cards many times and made sure to mix and match them, so I knew they were properly mixed. When the Hanged One card came up it was always in the past and part of their life lesson. It revealed to me that they had at one time needed to take a leap of faith. They made decisions based off of faith. They took that first step with the intention of greatness. In the present I saw the results and it would echo into the future cards as well. I could see what took place after their decision was made. I smiled at them, because I could see the results of having Faith. I could see what true faith could manifest. Today make those decisions. Today move forward with Faith.

  I know that all roads that contain positive emotion is a road that my inner being wishes me to take.