Monday, August 29, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/29/11

  The Seven of Wands. The word "Defense" comes to mind when I see this card. I also feel like the nature of today's energy will be about breaking through a defensive barrier. When I think of a barrier, I think of a wall. Which brings me to the Ego. Your Ego can build a wall. It can put up barriers so that you think that you are not able to exist or move forward with your goals. Look beyond the wall. Look beyond the barrier. See what is on the other side. Break through with great intent. Understand that allowing things to take place can also be a break through moment. It can cause all the walls to come falling down. Be open to new things and try different routes along your path. Understand that a detour can be beneficial. A detour can bring joy and happiness.

  I know that all roads that contain positive emotion is a road that my inner being wishes me to take.