Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/30/11

  The Six of Cups. Memories. When I look at this card I think of everything that I have gone through. All the people I have come in contact with. All the tears I have cried and all the moments of loud laughter. I think of past thoughts that carried me through my times of change. I think of the lessons I have learned during my spiritual journey. I can hear words of wisdom from past teachers. I remember the moments I have given up hope for just a second. I can remember the moments I got up from a deathly blow, ready to fight again. While I think of the small things that mean so much to me I smile, because without them I would not exist. The memories I carry with me can sometimes contain a part of sadness, but with a little bit of love they shine brighter than the sun. They sparkle with truth and happiness. I look back at my life and think about how I lost out on so many moments of joy and happiness due to my own state of depression....then I turn and look up at the blue sky and change my train of thought. I look up and smile, thinking about the many moments that exist, in the future, for me to smile and shine.

  I know all roads that contain positive emotion is a road that my inner being wishes me to take.