Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/3/11

  The Three of Wands. I was looking for a sign that would advise me as to what may be my next great adventure. Well here it is. Today will be about opportunity in your life. Today will be about putting things into motion. Make your mark. Stand. Move. I always think of that song by Switchfoot "Dare you to move", when I see this card. Look beyond all things. Look beyond all doubts. The lesson to be learned is about seeing with your Third Eye. The Three of Wands is telling us about the fire and drive of things coming into our lives. Pull from that fire. Bring it forth. Understand that you are worthy of Happiness and Joy. Today will be about taking that first step towards greatness.

  My past experiences have made me this wonderful, great, and beautiful person.