Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/4/11

  The Four of Wands. This card is about celebration. Family get together. Marriage. Let us take a closer look. We couple this with our lesson card "The Heirophant". This is about breaking through our boundaries. This is about coming full circle. Returning to our past and understanding "The Why". Now it all makes sense. We are part of this great movement. Part of this great world. So even our smallest mistake is taken as a great advancement. Even the smallest sneeze is seen as a powerful Force. Today things will make sense. You will understand why you bought three stamps last week instead of just one. You will know why you took out Forty Dollars from the ATM instead of just Twenty. You will come to find out that everything happens for a reason. Even the loss of a job is leading you to a wonderful new place. You just have to believe it.

  My past experiences have made me this wonderful, great, and beautiful person.