Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/9/11

  The Chariot. We go from "coming full circle" to "Moving forward with intent". The Chariot talks about vehicles, vessels, and Destiny. We travel in vehicles everyday. We move with great motion and intent. The car starts because of the battery. It is energy contained in a box. Our body is a vessel that contains our soul and spirit. Our chakras are the battery. Remember that Destiny is the sign posts in your life that advise you on an event that will take place. It is up to you to have that experience whether you choose to have it at age five or at age 40. The Chariot is the energy behind these great adventures and experiences. Move forward with your intent. Here is the balance of Good and Bad consequences. All roads lead to your destination. You just have to pick which experience to have.

  I am the creator of my path in life and I choose to create a positive experience.