Monday, August 8, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/7/11

  The Page of Wands. This is information coming to you in a form of letter. This is the spark of inspiration. This is the idea that leads you to the Dream. Here is this information that comes to what do you do with it? You take it and neatly place it in your backpack of ideas. Save it. Let it fall to the bottom and sit there for a while. Follow your path. Walk your walk and strut your stuff for a bit. Fall in love. Move forward after the heartache of expectations lost. Travel. Rest. Relax. Unpack....and within the moment of unpacking you come across the idea you let sit at the bottom of your backpack. You understand now what it means and where it can take you. You understand that it was given to you to full fill a purpose. Now take it and move forward with your adventure.

  My past experiences have made me this great, wonderful, and beautiful person.