Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/27/11

  The World.
The ending of one phase on our journey. This lesson card advises us to let go of those things that hold us back. Let go of the past and move into the present. Notice how I didn't say future. The present is all we have at this moment in time. Enjoy it. Do not worry about things that have passed or things that may happen. Know that every decision should be made with the Faith that the Divine will guide you. Trust that the Divine will take you to wonderful things and places. That the Divine will lead you to meet wonderful and great people. The time of healing is over. Now it is a time of new beginning. End this chapter in your life with a few words of gratitude. Thank each and every experience you have had. Even if it was not so pleasant. Know that it has led you to becoming this wonderful and great person that is learning to exist.
  Know that you will never be the same after today. Know that you are constantly changing and constantly learning. Go with this process of change and the Divine will lead you to wonderful and joyous places.

Blessed Be.

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