Friday, November 11, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/11/11

  The Two of Wands.
We look out into the distance and wonder what will come into our reality. There is great possibility out there in this world. We can do anything we wish, but are we willing to give up everything in order to do it. Great healing requires us to change. It requires us to give up things that have been holding us back. Are we ready for this? If the Divine required us to leave our loved ones behind and move to an unknown town, would you do this?
We see what is in store for us everyday. We know what is to come and what we can do to make it happen, but we choose not to make the much needed sacrifice that is required.
This is why we create dis-ease. This is why we create dis-comfort. We are choosing not to change. We are choosing not to listen to the Divine when it speaks to us about our next journey in life. We are choosing to sit and wonder "Why is this happening to me?"
Get up! Make the change! I know that in the end you will be much happier and healthy in spirit if you were to listen to the Divine and move forward.

Blessed Be.

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