Friday, November 11, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/12/11

  The Two of Cups.
Again we see the Number Two. This time it is about commitment. Who do we want to commit our love to?
Who are we willing to love unconditionally?
Are we willing to do this to anyone?
Know that this card speaks about relationships. It talks about a moving forward of the relationship with someone you care for. It speaks about a bond and agreement made between the both of you. This can also be a relationship with the Divine, but today it is more about human relationships.
Go forth today and know that every relationship is meant to be in your life. They all contain lessons and within the lesson you may develop certain feelings. Those feelings may contain truth or they may contain a past hurt. What you have to figure out is..are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you ready to commit to the unknown?
I have been ready all my life. I am willing to go the extra mile. I am ready to take on many challenges that a romantic relationship has to offer....but is the other person ready as well?
This is what I sometimes struggle with, until now.
I understand one simple truth:
  "I am deserving"

I am deserving of a great and wonderful person who will be willing to take on my existence. I am deserving of a great and wonderful person who wants a romantic relationship with ME. I am deserving of a great and wonderful person who is willing to accept me for all that I am and in turn I accept them for all that they are. I am deserving of a romantic relationship with a man who is willing to give me 100 % of themselves.

  I was talking to my good friend the other day about relationships and how her and I exist within them. We find that we care so much. We are willing to give 250% of ourselves to that person. We are willing to exist within the seasons of their lives. We are able to do this because we were born to care with great love and intent. Our gift is to exist with little or no effort in order to bear the load for others. Some might say "How do you do it?" or "You have so much strength and courage to move forward in your experience".
We see it as a natural existence within our reality. We only see it as Tuesday morning.
  I came to the conclusion that we are willing to give so much of ourselves and love that person with all our might. We think something is wrong when that normal level of care is not reciprocated. All we ever ask of that person is to give 100% of who they are to us. Who they can be in the dark and in the light. We do not ask for them to hide their thoughts and emotions. We do not ask for them to hide their love in the dark. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that everyone and anyone has the capacity to love and exist at 100% in any situation. It is their choice to only give so much within times of Fight or Flight mode. Where as those who are naturally doing this only understand the Flight or Fight mode when they are not functioning at a certain level above 100%.
I can see now that if and when this romantic relationship develops, that person will want to be within my existence. And in turn I will dive head first into theirs. I will have no care of what may come. I will only have Faith that no matter what season we will live in, we will be able to embrace it and love unconditionally.

Blessed Be.

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