Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/3/11

   The Hanged Man.
From a time of healing to a time of Faith. I think both of them go hand in hand. In order to heal you have to give yourself up to the Divine, to give you the much needed energy and information in order to heal. We all go through times of trouble. We all struggle within the destruction of our life. What we choose to not see is the lesson from the experience. I always tell people that we must believe that everything happens for a reason. We must understand that even if the circumstance seems bad, there is a positive outcome to the event. It is our rite to find that positive outcome. When you get in a accident, are you going to choose to only see the bad within that destruction?
 I can tell you that if you would maybe focus on the positive circumstance, which is you being alive and able to move all your limbs, then you would see that something wonderful may happen through this trauma. The energy of today will be about Faith. The Faith that you have with the Will of the Divine. When things get a little tough and you feel the tension rising, say a prayer and really give it over to the Divine/ the Goddess/ God. Live in this moment and know that all things will be taken care of. Enjoy the minutes you have within this lifetime. Enjoy the seconds.

Blessed Be.

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