Friday, November 4, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/4/11

  The King of Wands.
The sign related to this card is "Aries". This is the warrior. The energy will be about moving forward with great power. Be careful to think things through before charging into battle. Have a plan of attack or a plan of defense. I always look at this card and I have never noticed a picture of a lion. This tells me that Pride will play a big part in our lives today. It is time to take care of oneself, but we still have to ask for help every so often. Do not starve yourself of spiritual food, because you think that you do not need it. That the Divine will bring it to you as you sit and wait for it to drop out of the sky. That person who is asking if you need anything is the Divine bringing you what you want. Tell those people in your life, who love you, about your plans. Put your thoughts and emotions out there for the Universe to hear.

Blessed Be.

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