Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/11/11

 The Hierophant.
Tradition. We do it because it is a habit. We do it because it means safety. We do it because we have to.
Tradition is only a word. It creates a safe harbor for us within the chaos of our life. If we return to tradition than it will turn out okay. If we follow the ritual, then I will be safe. Tradition is just a motion, that if done in the right way, will produce a circumstance. The chaos is still there, but at that very moment you do not see it. At that very moment you forget about the chaos and focus on the beauty within it. You focus on the positive. Really take a look at your tradition, at your ritual, and see if it is based off of habit or based off of faith.

Blessed Be.

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