Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/24/11

  The King of Coins.
The elder leader. The Devil Card.
What does this mean to me? Well I can tell you that the energy will be about wisdom. Knowing what is needed and what is a desire. Remember that the King understands how to manifest greatness into his life. He moves forward with every thought. He creates with great knowledge. He creates with great wisdom. He knows how to destroy and how to create. He chooses to show love and light to everything within his path. He chooses to give instead of receive. He chooses to walk in the light, even though he has lived in the dark. Bring forth love with every step you take today. Smile at those around you for no reason. Give up your space in line to a stranger. Give patience and time to those who seem to be in a rush. Give love.

Blessed Be.

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