Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/25/11

  The King of Swords.
The Libra. The Justice Card. This is about being fair with yourself. This is a characteristic that we must take on. I am starting to understand the process of letting go. Sometimes you have to say Good-bye in order to move forward. Sometimes the Divine lets you know what will happen in a certain situation so that you can begin the process of letting go. Understand that we must see everything today as symbolic. It is not about you being hurt or you being upset by someone. It is about a person in conflict with another person. Try to see both sides. Try to understand. When you see things this way, it is easier to let go and say Good-bye. You begin to see past the wall. Past the conflict. Past the destruction. You begin to see what can truly happen. You begin to listen to the Divine. What is the Divine saying?

Blessed Be.

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