Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/3/11

  The Queen of Coins.
The energy will be about enjoying life. The Queen of Coins has many hands in many projects. What she takes from one, she gives to another. It is a complete circle of energy. She gives, but also takes back energy in order to function. She is wise and can see into the future, as with all Queens in the Tarot. She rules her kingdom with pride and at times can be concerned with only her benefit.
My advice to you would be to listen to what she has to say. She may come off as only wanting what she wants, but her words will lead you to hope. When I see this card I think of the Wheel of Fortune. Always turning and cultivating. Always going down and then up. Always moving. This person is of the same nature. They contain the energy of movement and you may lack this energy at this time. Be the Queen of Coins and move your material items around. Put them in places that disturb you, sit silently, and learn to let go. This is the true masterpiece of the Queen of Coins. She understands what sacrifice is. She understands that sacrifice will lead her to greatness.

Blessed Be.

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