Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/30/12

   The Nine of Fire.
This card has a word "Exhaustion".
What does this mean. Well if we look at the card we see a man within a robot. He is moving it and controlling it. What we see is the man sitting with the window open. He looks very tired. He is the spirit within the machine. We all need time to rest. The message is not about how tired you are, but it is about the resting period before the battle. Before the struggle. Take the time to seek answers within. To get your spirit up to par. Remember that the Divine is limitless energy and it is within you. Exhaustion can be caused by our Ego which pinches us off from the Divine. We are always connected but our choices can lead us down a path of exhaustion. Know that you are connected and one with the Divine.

Blessed Be.

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