Friday, March 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/31/12

  The Queen of Fire.
This card is sometimes associated with the "Leo" sign. What does this tell me?
Funny how some things stick with you after working with certain cards. This female spirit has a lot to say. She is about shinning within the dark. She wants to be seen not heard. The Leo sets the stage. They must shine brighter than any star within its orbit. I can say that the Leo is very mystical, but this card speaks to me about a party. I want to apply it to our everyday actions. I am attending a party later in the day and it shall be a gathering of great people. Everyone shall be nice and sweet. Everyone shall be there for a reason. What we must see in our life is that the party is to be uplifting. The party is to celebrate that which has already happened and will happen. What is it that will happen you ask...well something wonderful of course. Did no one tell you that we are all part of the Divine. That the Divine is in everything and everyone...and it is perfect. Making all of us perfect. Making the day perfect. A perfect party...

Blessed Be.

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