Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/1/12

  The Four of Fire.
Participation. What does that mean? Well it means being present. This card has been showing up a lot. Are we being present when in the company of those we care for? Are we always somewhere else? What if God or the Divine was sitting right next to you, would you be on your phone? Or maybe on the computer? We understand that everyone is part of the Divine. That love is always around us. So why do we spend most of our time somewhere else? We should be present at all times. That means putting your phone down and listening. Or being present during a conversation and not wondering how that bill will get paid or what you will have for dinner. This is just a suggestion. You could still do what you always do and be who you are at this moment and keep on going down the same path that you have been walking. The choice is yours.

Blessed Be.

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