Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/13/12

  The Knight of Clouds.
This card speaks about fighting. But it is not the struggle that we must look at. It is the thought behind the struggle. Some people see this day as a bad omen. That we should cross out fingers and watch our step. This is just superstition. We must know that the Divine is of good and that it is Joy and Happiness. The Divine is not misery and negativity. We must get rid of our superstitious ways and understand that we create our experience. We create that joy. We create bad days and good days. This is just another day, during another month, in another year. This day is no different than yesterday. It still is perfect. It still functions. We should be the same. We should relish in the moment of our being and see that any struggle or fights on our path are there to help us appreciate and understand our ability to love and have compassion. They are there to teach us that we are worthy of good and that we are full of joy. Be thankful for the struggles in your life.

Blessed Be.

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