Friday, April 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/14/12

  The Page of Rainbows.
This card speaks of an adventure. To let out Inner Child come out and play. To be dazzled. To seek love. To seek joy. Let us uncover our Truth and understand that we are forever young within our heart. That our Inner Child is healed. Healed of all the silly little thoughts and mishaps. We can carry a heavy load on our back. We may think that this is our path, to only know pain, to only know sorrow. This is not Truth. The Truth is the Almighty. God is Truth. That God is joy and love. So in turn we are joy and love. This is all God knows. For if God was sorrow and pain, then It would cause its own destruction. So understand that we must look to our path and know that it is perfect. Just like us. Just like God.

Blessed Be.

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