Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 4/16/12

  The Knight of Swords.
The Gemini. We see the two spirits in conflict. This character, and I say character because every card and sign associated is a personification of who we are and want to be, is dealing with two sides of the story. We are constantly at struggle with our shadow side known as our Ego. The light wishes to shine and be heard. The light wishes to simply exist, but our shadow side can creep in and hold the light down. The conflict is the desire to subdue the shadow side. What we should be doing is welcoming the shadow side and recognizing that it lives within us, then letting it pass by. We understand that we are not our thoughts. We can change our method of thinking at any time. If you deal with feeling "not worthy", then change your thought to "I am worthy". If you deal with the thought of "I am not loved", then change your thought to "I am loved". This should be your mantra. It will quickly ask your Ego to "Take a hike". Our goal is to simply change our thought back to the good. Back to the Truth, that the Divine is within us and all around. That the Divine is Love and so are we.

Blessed Be.

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