Sunday, April 15, 2012

A fork in the road...

It will be a year, in a few days, since I started this wonderful journey with the Tarot. I have been reading cards for clients for a long time. In this year I have grown closer to the Tarot than all the other years combined. So here is my struggle. I understand that I need something more. I need to dive deeper into this blog. I need to give more than what I have been giving. I want to move forward and write. Write about my experience and mishaps with the Tarot, but I also want to give information about what the days ahead may bring. I would like to only write about the Energy of the week or month. What the cards mean within that wonderful Divine. So what do you think? Leave me some comments on what you would like to hear. Would you like to see it be everyday and only receive a small amount of information, or allow me to contemplate on the cards and give you information about the week? Really, I should be asking myself this question. So I will talk my way through this struggle. I feel like the cards have so much to say and give. They can allow us to grow and move forward with every step, if we are willing to listen. Now my blog will contain examples and experiences about the cards in my life. They will be applied to my mishaps and wonderful adventures.  Then you can take that information, regarding the energy within my week, and apply it to your life. For you are the only one who can live your life. So my blog will be under construction in the coming weeks. I will be reviewing the comments left and take all information to heart. Always understand that you are wonderful creatures of the Divine. You have so much light within you. You are the Creator of your environment. Whether I write a small note or a long winded one, you must keep walking. Never lay down and let the world pass you by, for you may never get back up. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep walking. Keep thinking. I am. I choose to exist within this world every day that I wake up and think my first thought of the morning.

Blessed Be.

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