Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 4/23 - 4/29, 2012

  After much thought and consideration, I decided to use numerology to see what the cards are going to be like for the week. Then I decided to pick seven cards for the seven days within the week. So, I came up with nothing. Then it hit me. I took the seven cards and really looked at them. I grouped them together into Major and Minor Arcana. At first I saw a change starting to happen. A change in thought. This thought would lead to that transformation. In the Minor Arcana, I saw that this would affect our mind and emotions. Be cautious of what you are doing this week. Do not let things get you down. Also do not make any major decisions at the beginning of the week.
The process that will have influence over the Energy of the week will be about struggling with yourself. Struggling with so many decisions that need clarity. So my advice to anyone during this week is to really take a look at what you want. What color do you want it to be? Where do you want to live? What will this job be like?
  Here are the questions you first need to start out with. Really take the time to meditate on what you really want within your life. Understand that you contain all that is needed within you to create this thing or object. You just have to recognize the tools.

  Then I decided to look at the cards in sequence. We shall start with awareness of our higher self. Then move into the primal need of being wanted and desire. We must look past our temptation to worry and grab at anything within our reach. If you think that you should at least get something, then you are only looking at the lack of this object. So hold out for the real thing. Hold out for the essence of what you desire. Then that transformation shall take place. You will emerge a better person. You will be able to make a decision based off of facts not illusion. When I think of this process it reminds me of the Butterfly....
--   So delicate is the butterfly. First they start out as a small caterpillar, moving through this big world with no defense at all. The Caterpillar only knows of one thing; to move in this life and eat when she is hungry. This is associated with the Base Chakra Card. This is our primal need to live. There is no struggle or obstacle within the life of the Caterpillar, for she has no desire to be anything special. As a matter of fact, she does not know what the word "special" means. She simply has this command to move and eat.
   Then this Awareness takes place. She has this weird feeling that she should be somewhere. That there is an appointment that must be kept. The Caterpillar moves forward and searches, using her base chakra as a compass, for this appointment spot. She finally finds it and decides to rest. Without her knowledge, her body begins to form a cocoon and a time of sleep must take place. She agrees with this time of sleep, because it is part of her primal need. This primal need is within everyone and their were other caterpillars doing the same thing. This state of thought that one is connected to all, is part of the base chakra. The cocoon sets the mood and she sleeps for a while. The time of slumber is the process of transformation.
  The Transformation takes place and she is ready to emerge. She must struggle like the rest of the caterpillars with her new form. She must go through a time of turbulence in order for her to understand just how strong she is. For she is strong. The breakthrough happens, and she sees herself for the first time. She knows that she is beautiful and that she can fly. This lifts her heart and she takes flight into the unknown. ---

  After many hours of meditation and thought, I have come to an agreement. My life has had so much joy and happiness within it, regarding material items, but even a light bringer struggles with one subject. My Ego enjoys the thought of my spiritual journey containing a wall. My wall is called "I am not enough". This is my struggle and this is what the words in my journal speak about. So, I have decided to relate the cards to my experience of changing my thought behavior of "I am not enough" or "Not worthy" to "I am worthy".

  Now I am going to look at the cards and relate them to the days of the week. Even though I am using the word "I" it relates to everyone. I just didn't feel comfortable using "We", because then it would leave the reader feeling disconnected from my life and experience.

Monday: Transformation
  I see the energy around me beginning to change. My spirit may be changing at this very moment, and I may feel something taking place all around me, but my body does not register it. I may feel out of sorts today, but I know the reason why and it is good.

Tuesday: 9 of Swords
  Now the thought of change enters into my mind. I contemplate on this journey that I am going to take. I contemplate on my life and with the struggle of "I am not worthy". I think about what I really want within this change. I try to make sense of it and have to turn to the Divine for guidance. Really I should have Faith that things are changing for the good, but this card advises me that I will be struggling with my Ego.

Wednesday: Awareness
  Here is where I take in that change and my body begins to accept what is happening around me. I understand that I now contain the power to create. Really, I contained this power the whole time. The Divine never really leaves me. So, all those bad days, or hours of frustration, with what is known, are now making sense. I accept this change and everything that is contained within it. Now I can make a decision on whether I want to stay or go, sit or stand, jump or fall.
Thursday: 3 of Cups
  I enjoy this new thought of change. I invite it into my life and accept what it will give me, for I know that the Divine only gives us things of greatness. This change contains love, joy, and happiness. This is really all I can wish on those around me. I see the light within me and it shines also within those around me. The decision has been made within my mind and now I am willing to move forward with my plans of change.

Friday: 2 of Swords
  I must remember that my Ego, or shadow side, is never really gone. It may hide within the small cracks of my mind. It will change into things that are familiar. It will do what it knows best....deceive. It will come in the form of thoughts that advise me "I am not worthy". I know that there will always be a time of change, and within that change there will be struggle. Now, how much struggle is up to me and the acceptance of it. I do know one thing; that each time I move forward through the struggle, I become stronger.

Saturday: Base Chakra
  I must remember that I am one with everyone, and everyone is connected to me. This card deals with Universal thought of the Tribe. Now my struggle is with society. My struggle is with my peers. The Base Chakra deals with primal needs, and I know that I have always been able to leave one thought of mind and move towards another, if it allows me to grow spiritually. You could say that on this day there will be a struggle with letting go of morals set forth by my peers and family.

Sunday: 4 of Swords
  Now that change takes place. I move forward or stay stuck in one spot. The choice is mine. I now accept that choice. I now must contemplate on my actions that have led to my current circumstance. I now must meditate on what is to come. I now must meditate on what is to take place next. It is time to get away. It is time to take care of me and connect to Mother Nature, to Sister Turtle.

  I have not decided on whether to comment on each day as they arrive and pass. This would give me some insight into the cards and also my life experience. For I know that I am not alone on this journey....


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