Thursday, April 19, 2012

The year of the Turtle...

 When I received my lovely gift from my friend, I thought about what this item really symbolized within my life. The Turtle looked up at me and it all made sense. This item was my power symbol. I have a tattoo on my arm of a turtle and everyone always asks me what it means. I always just tell them that I like turtles. Really it is a symbol of a relationship that I had gotten out of. It is a symbol of power. So I went online and decided to look and see what the turtle means.
It is a female spirit and she symbolizes the world, Goddess, and Mother Earth. She is a grounding symbol and lives on land and the sea. Funny, I was told in a recent astrological reading that a water sign would compliment me in a relationship. I am an Earth sign. so here begins my journey into the great ocean of life. Here begins my journey into the realm of the Turtle.
"Great Sister Turtle guide me on my way. Lead me into the light of the Divine. Advise me when I need to ground myself and return to my home for relaxation. Let my shell be my shield of light."

Blessed Be.

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