Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5302012.1

The card pulled was the Four of Wands. This card talks about foundation. Sometimes it speaks to me about home life. The card of the day, picked by numerology, is Judgement. This is the influencing card that surrounds the days energy. So, Monday brought about an awakening of where your home truly lies. Remember to keep in mind that home is where the heart is. What do you call home? Is your home within your heart?

We are dealing with balance and a time of healing, but the hidden card is "The Universe". This tells me that a lesson is coming to an end. The time of healing has already taken place and we are to recognize that we can get up and walk in the right direction.

The hidden card is "Death". So, the Devil coupled with Death tells me that a time of transformation regarding out thought process is taking place today. I am having issues with letting things be and also allowing such great things to take place. The transformation is taking place, and I can recognize the negative thought taking place. Now I am able to work though my Ego and move forward into the light. Remember to not make any haste decisions toward what can happen. Simply remember that great things are taking place and you are going to allow them to manifest.

The Hidden card is "Temperance" or "Patience". Remember that it showed up earlier in the week. We see that a new time of healing regarding our emotions is taking place today. Forgiveness will be the main goal. We must understand that things take place and that we must look at what we do have. Note our self worth. You are worthy of all the greatness within your life. It is taking place right as you read this. Move forward with great matter what information or news you hear.

Final Notes:
I can see so much taking place. We are dealing with great sources of energy. Major cards are coming up and talking about our ability to heal. We are finding balance within the change and transformation that we have created.

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