Monday, May 28, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5282012 - 632012

First Impressions:

Three major arcana cards are showing up.
Patience, Temptation, and Shadow.
What do they speak of? I turn to my spirit guide...
The change that has come into our existence will start to take shape and form. from a time of healing to a time of struggle. One hurdle will lead into the next.
When you apply numerology to the cards, they move forward in sequence.
A healing takes place with change, you are learning to let go. A circumstance happens regarding that change and we must learn to accept what has transpired.
The journey begins and spiritual change must take place.
This week will be about love and money. Watch out for these two energies.

Major Arcana Group:
Why do we hold onto old things?
Sometimes the old artifacts within our life can latch onto us and drain us dry of our wonderful energy.
Sometimes these old silly things can cause us to build up walls. What keeps us from moving forward?
What silly things do you have within  your environment?
The time of healing is taking place. Temperance is about restoring balance within our life.
When the cards are read as a trio, we see that the journey we have decided to walk on, is going to be a rough road. No matter what path we were to take, the walk would have been filled with such challenges.
The week will bring temptation into our life. Should we live a life of happiness or a life of pain?
The choice is yours. Sometimes we choose pain, because it is all we know of. Sometimes it is all we can see, and so we are drawn to it. Happiness can also be something we are drawn to, but it hides within the small circumstances that happen within our life. It can be in the wind that blows across our face in the mid-afternoon. It can be in the smile a stranger gives you while walking to your destination. Happiness is what we choose to make of it. This is the issue we are dealing with during the week. What will make us happy? You do not have to settle for anything less.
The Moon card talks about our journey, and the challenges we will face. They will be about the archetype "the prostitute". She is neither good nor bad. She teaches us what our self worth is. She advises us when we are selling our self out for pleasure, rather than happiness. Know your self worth. Understand that you are worthy of such great things. Say no to things you do not want and yes to things that you do want.

Minor Arcana Group:
Small things are going to come up within our week. Love and work shall be an issue within our daily life.
Love may begin, or a relationship will take on a new characteristic, then your past scars will re-surface. Are you ready to deal with the past? Are you ready to Crash and Burn again? I hope you said yes. If you let go, then all things will turn out in your favor. Source only wants you to be happy. Remember who you are.
I was at church, and during meditation, the only thought that was in my head was; I am worthy.
This week is about our worthiness. What are we worthy of?
We are worthy of that wonderful job, of that romantic relationship, of that great joy and happiness, of that abundance.
We are worthy of that good and great life, that we are living right now. When the cards state to me that a stand must be taken, they are advising me that we must know our self worth.

Final Notes:

A lesson is coming to an end and a time of healing is taking place. I am only stating this again, because the cards that coming up are about healing. Temperance shows up twice within the hidden influences of the week.
This is about the balance of Earth and Spirit. We shall find peace and joy
with every step we take during this week. We are on the right path now, and you must move forward with your goal. Your dream is there waiting for you. You have cultivated this item into your life, now you have to state to Source that you are worthy!

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