Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5212012-5272012

First impressions:
     There are four major arcana cards and three Minor arcana cards. We have one ace card, which means new beginnings. We have the base chakra and the heart chakra which compliment each other and this tells me that there is a time of healing taking place. The four of swords spoke to me about a time of rest and meditation. A time of cultivating what we want, which is abundance and peace.
     On Friday, I see that meditation and prayer will lead us to our Destiny or Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is constantly turning and we have already been through our down phase, now it is time move up. We must go through the process of losing, in order to gain. And then we see the Base Chakra on Sunday.

Grouping them together:

    The Major Arcana cards tells me that we are dealing with Primal needs at first and we are moving into a birthing of an idea, which can be anything from a new relationship, new job, or new career. The lessons of manifestation are taking place. Our need is primal and leading us to something, but we do not know why. The birthing of that thought takes place and it takes us to our Heart Chakra, which will give us the energy to bring this item into existence. The Wheel of Fortune is taking place and we are going from moving down, to moving up and creating what we want into our reality. All this is taking place during this week.

    The Minor Arcana are just the lessons that are there that we are having to go through constantly during our life. So, that thought is coming through, there is a time of meditation and prayer, and it is being pushed through our Heart Chakra into existence. We may not have it at this time, but we will receive. This is what prayer and meditation will do. It will aid us in creating this thing or item into our reality. Know that it will take place. We are cultivating that abundance and joy.

The day by day:

    It will be about the thought about loss of things in our life. Those emotional ties attached to an item or thing. Whether it is about money, relationships, or a job. I can only relate this to my life, so it is about a job and the loss of income at this time. I am taking the steps in working toward my destiny. I will feel the loss of that thing but know that I can not cry over spilled milk. There is always more in the background. I just have to recognize it. It is a grieving process. Well, now I have and it is time to let go in order for the inspiration to take place.

    I am taking that time to deal with things. I am taking that time to heal and move forward. It will be about relationships and making contact. It will be about love and the process of letting go.

    This would be a great time to start projects and receive answers. Inspiration will come through and that idea will be put out to the Law.

   The birthing of that idea will take place. Unity will happen and also bless our thought with form. Abundance and prosperity will happen. Things will take place and will require us to enjoy and put action into our thoughts.

    This is about working on ourselves.  Meditation and prayer will have to be our outlet. In order to create we must find clarity within our thoughts.

   We will find answers. Things will come to us and lead us into a new path.

    We are back on our primal need to move forward. I want to associate this with the Ace of Wands on Monday. This is about fire and inspiration of our desire. Our desire must first start out primal and then end with the Base Chakra, because it comes into our environment with weight.

My Thoughts:
    I know that this change is moving forward and we have gone through the "planting the seed" lesson. I know how to create and also that the Law is constantly saying "yes" to us. We think it and we are. If you desire happiness then know that you are on the right path and that all things have meaning. Blessed Be.

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