Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5222012.1

    I woke up today with great knowledge and truth about the card of the day.
I find that using these cards, the psychic tarot, I seem to be understanding what they contain and what the cards really mean. I also am understanding how I can apply them to my life. The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and it is associated with the base chakra. When healers are working on either one these chakras, they are also working on the other to balance them out and not have an excess amount of energy.
What does this mean?
I turn to my spirit guide. She is always there. I know that there is movement and there is sometimes confusion within the process, because we see the lack of. We must understand that we shall receive. The Heart Chakra talks about the emotions that are tied to our thoughts and form. We are moving from thought, to clarity, to manifestation. This is about decisions we have to make. What is it and what will it be like?
There can be confusion within the process and we don't want to settle for just anything. Now, it is about finding that clarity, and knowing that it will be good. I can only relate this to searching for a job.
There are a lot of opportunities out there, like going to school. It is another person's influence around us that can confuse me. Some will cheer me on, and others will worry about when it will happen and what is going to happen. Use techniques. to find out that you do contain that knowledge, truth, and power. Do it with 100 percent or as a light bringer, 250 percent.
Everything happens for a reason.
Understand this.
Yesterday I took a typing and word test. Thought it would be only on excel and did not study for anything else. I prepared myself and prayed that the truth is there, and it is god ,and it is within me. 
I have that knowledge and truth and I will know.
I took the test with the knowledge I had, and did what I could do.
Maybe I need a refresher course?
It was on a system i didn't know. I only know 2003, not 2010. 
I pushed forward and did what I did. I know I am a great and wonderful person and I have a lot to offer. I do know how to use the word Help. People do not use the help button. We are at an age of technology. To test us on something that we do not have knowledge on, but we know where the resources are at. 
I woke up and applied for jobs that I want. Not just any old thing. Jobs that I felt comfortable with when applying. Something great will come out of it. Whether they call or not I know that every step that I take is in alignment of my divine purpose.
This is how I must see it. This will tie in with our emotions ,and who I am ,and what I am doing. Yesterday I did deal with the thoughts of the past.
Maybe I should have stayed or maybe I should have been with a past lover. No!
You are where you are at ,because you made a decision and it led to a circumstance.
That circumstance is good. You would not be here at this present moment and time. When you have a pity party ,or when you complain about things not taking place or the lack of ,then you are not realizing the good within your life. You are pushing that good away from you and you are not allowing it to enter into your environment.
There is good around you. That good is trying to get in, trying to be noticed, trying to be seen. All you are seeing is your shoulda, coulda, woulda, it is pushing all that greatness away. You are saying "where is it. Where is it?"
It is there, but you have to realize it. I am in alignment with my divine purpose. It will happen and it will come. It is taking form and shape, but do not think "Where is it".
Everyday cultivate that goodness. Take a moment in life to do so. Understand that it is there and it will happen. I know it will happen. I can feel it. Your spirit is already there and you can feel yourself being pulled towards it. It is scary ,because to know and to have knowledge, and to have the wisdom to use it can be scary. It means it will take place, and that is scary. That time of healing will take place. I always ask my clients "Are you ready to be healed? Are you ready for that relationship?" they answer "well yes I am".
Are you sure you are ready?  You would not be where you are at if you were. you wouldn't feel the way you feel, or think "where is it" if you were ready for it. I
t could happen instantly if you allow it or it could take minutes or years. You have to understand that it will happen and there is no time within the Law. It can happen at any time as long as you allow it. That is what we have to focus on today. The emotions of knowing and not knowing. We must cultivate that happiness and joy. We have planted the seed and now it is time to watch it bloom. we can do other things, because we know that it will happen. Everything we do is within alignment of our divine purpose.
We know that we are taking care of that seed and it shall bloom.

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