Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/21/2012

7/21/2012 Saturday:

Restriction can sometimes come in the form of a job, love, energy, and also family. What is restricting you?
My restriction is about making sure I am okay. This can be with money, love, relationships, and people. I tend to feel that things are not going to work out in my favor, but I have to return to the Truth.
I am worthy of everything within my life that is Good.
So, with that being said, let us move forward with our intent.
If your intent is to break free, then simply break free. Move. Go!
Do I feel restricted with money?
Yes! I deal with the energy of money and how it flows.
Sometimes money flows into my life with great abundance, and sometimes it flows out of my life with great abundance, but I do know that it is constantly flowing and that it benefits all of us.
Do I feel restricted with love?
Yes! I freak myself out sometimes, because in the past my life has been put on hold for love. So, I know now that I still exist and anyone who wishes to be with me shall have the same thought. Love should be a building block, not a hammer.
I have to understand that money comes to me all the time. I have a great job. I am moving forward. All my needs are met and in the end, that money will be there for me at the right time and place. It will be perfect. I know that all things work out in my favor.
Funny, this morning I was thinking to myself about the Ego.
The Devil card comes up as the hidden energy card, and it speaks to me about how I function within my head.
I can say that I still struggle with my Ego. Even the greatest Mystics struggle with their Ego. In the beginning I had to constantly turn my thoughts from negative to positive. I had to fake it until I was pseudo making it.
Then as time went on, I came to understand that I was able to turn the thoughts around in my head much faster. I am able to cross out every negative thought with a positive, because really I am worthy of the good in my life.
Today I have to remember that all things take place for a reason...and it is good.
I have to live in the now, rather than the future.
The story begins today. You do not write your book, close it, and start living. You think, write, and then live the experience.
The only one who is putting a restriction on me.
So, I am giving up the chains. I am giving up the fight with the energy. I am giving up the worry.
I obliterate thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry. They do not exist within God's Mind.
I am allowing the energy to flow. Flow into my life, all around me, and also in the background.
I think that sometimes our Ego can come to us in different masks and costumes. It arrives so pleasant, so honest, ready to destroy.
The destruction does not bother me. I enjoy it. I know that there has been so much chaos in my life, that it has become second nature to walk through the eye of the storm.
Today I walk forward and there is only today. This moment. This step. There is only this breath that I inhale and exhale.
This is all there is....Greatness.

Blessed Be.

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