Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/22/2012

7/22/2012 Sunday:

Two cards that speak about change and destruction, but also realization of the power that is within all of us.
The Magician card speaks to me about the tools I contain within me at this time. I am able to move forward and be a strong person. I create my environment and what I desire is constantly given to me. The creation of things desired can work two ways. Either you decide on having what you can not have, and when it is presented to you, you decide to not want it anymore. This is known as the love of the chase.
Then there is a desire, lead by spirit, to have something that is much needed at that moment and time. This is known as Fate and Destiny.
I must clarify...Fate and Destiny are moments within your life that must take place, either at the moment of birth or just before you decide to leave this plane of existence. They are the off ramps that you know you must take, but sometimes decide not to. In the end you will eventually make a U-turn and head straight for that off-ramp of greatness. It is up to you to understand the signs and signals left by Source, and to accept the change that will come.
Now our Ego will try to hide the signs along our path, with trees, gold, money, people, and sometimes even with our shadow side. I can guarantee you that in the beginning you will get lost, and will have to return to the beginning, start at the bottom again and work  your way up. This is the Tower card. Crash!
I fall to the ground and I have two get up again or lay there and cry about what just happened.
My advice to you during this time of knowledge and destruction, is to always know that you can take the off beaten path, or follow those walking ahead of you. You...actually this is about me as well...I can always return to the path not taken. I can return to a sign that did not make sense at the time of greeting.
I can return to the old, in order to understand the new.
The tools are all there, within me, at this very moment and time. The tools are here for me to use. The real question I must ask myself is "Am I willing to use them effectively?"

Blessed Be.

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