Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/28/2012

7/28/2012 Saturday:
The cards speak to me about love and the small adventure you must take in order to recognize where love resides.
Is it within  your hands?
Love lives within the acts of compassion that I give to those freely. The day contains love.
Love lives within present moment. Do we really have to recognize it?
You must first understand that love is always present. It never leaves.
People simply think it is gone or absent.
They are simply words to describe the emotion and where it lies within the spectrum of description.
Pain is simply the absence of love. It feels empty at times because you are living within the shadow.
The light is always there.
The light shines down on everything.
Sometimes it simply takes one person's act of looking up to find it again.
The energy will be about love and how it blossoms. It will be about taking a leap into the unknown once more. It will require me to really jump head first into ocean of life.
Some say that you will die on impact. Well we all die a little with every second that we move forward. So, take a chance and jump.

Blessed Be.

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