Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/29/2012

7/29/2012 Sunday:

I sometimes have to write about the energy of the day towards the ending of the day, due to life. So, it becomes part of the past and I can analyze what has happened in my life and associate it with the cards.
The winds of change are happening. The Heirophant speaks to us about that change from knowledge into wisdom.
The Temperance card speaks to me about a time of healing. Put together, they advise me about a change within the spirit world. Things are starting to take place, and life is opening up. The good is pouring out, and this is where my Ego starts to get scared.
Now I am viewing the change as a good thing. It pushes me forward into the light of day. I see the light.
I am the light.
Everything that I have asked for from Source is being given to me at this very moment. Love shines bright.
I am abundance.
Things are working out in my favor. The healing is happening as I type these words.
Now you must view your life in the same manner. Even when the water is murky, you must understand that it will soon settle and all things will be made known.

Blessed Be.

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