Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/26/2012: Challenge and Ending of a Cycle

8/26/2012 Sunday:

Most of the time I would write about how one must listen to their inner voice. Actually, I would write about the life that is being lived at this very moment. There will always be an obstacle in our life that will aid us in our growth process. There will always be a cycle that ends and a new one begins. I was thinking about this the other day and it came to me.
Death is the ever changing force needed to transform.
Life is the ever giving force that keeps us moving after the transformation takes place.
An obstacle will be the challenge that aids us in breaking out of the cocoon that we have built around our self.
Do you want to break free?
Some would state that they like the cocoon and would rather suffer in their own agony, thinking that they need it in order to grow....well they are right.
If they choose to sit within their own pile of crap, then have fun. For eventually spirit will come by and break down their shit tower, leaving them to start all over again.
Some will rebuild the same tower, adding bits and pieces of crap that they have found all over again thinking it is something new.
How it sparkles in the moonlight.
Others will move forward seeing that what they have been sitting on was truly a big pile of crap. They will get up and state "Something stinks around here".
It is time to clean up and move out.

The obstacle can be such a small piece of item, but one can eventually add so much value and worth to it, that it grows into a tower.

It is time to end the cycle of shit building. Time to get up, see the light, and understand that it is just a pile of crap that stands in your way.
It is time to climb that pile of crap again, sit down, and wonder "what stinks?".

Blessed Be.

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