Monday, August 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/27/2012: Balance and New Beginning

8/27/2012 Monday:

With the physical comes the spiritual.
Balance within one self and balance in the Universe. Thank you Source for taking care of the small things. The balance of life and death.
Balance of the Earth and the Universe it lives within.
Balance with the light and the dark.
Everything within our world contains the opposite or complimentary part of itself. Shadow and light.
Shadow is not dark completely.
It is not absence of light.
Shadow is simply the unseen motion that pushes everyone into existance.
We all see the dark before entering into this world. Knowing only the spinning cycle of the Cosmos.
This is Brian's nickname that has been attached to him as he grew up in this world.
Do I wish to use it?
Sometimes I want to call him by it. Letting him know that I recognize his past and that everything within his future is set within my skin.
Other times I struggle with those who have loved him before, who cause harm to him now, and I think that it should stay in his past. I can come up with a name that suits him within my world.
I have to remember that his love contains everything within his life that was from before. I accept it.
I advised him that I would only use it when I get upset or mad and really need him to pay attention. I have not used it once so far.
I joke with him and state that I will gently call him by his first name:

If he does not listen, then I will address him by:
Mr. Calvin

If he still does not listen then I will call him by his nickname:

What does this have to do with the energy of the day?
Well I understand that there is no separation within this world, just our outlook on it.
We all contain everything within us. We truly never forget what has happened or who we were at one time. We simply let go. We let go of the attachment of the past, but we still contain the energy that was once associated with that memory.
It does not contain power over us nor is it a reflection of that person that we were. The shadow part may still show up, but one thing is for sure...we will know how to use it to our advantage.
It does not have power unless we allow it to take over and become temptation to our heart.
The temptation to return to the pain of the past.

Blessed Be.

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