Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/28/2012: Wish Fullfilled and Wisdom

8/28/2012 Tuesday:

I know that today will bring about the manifestation of a desire. It will be about wishes. What have I wished for?
I only wish to move forward and be in a state of peace. That means letting go of the past and future outcome in life, allowing everything to take place, and really listening to my spirit.
I am guided by love and at times taken to a place where nothing makes sense.
The Hierophant is the hidden energy card and it speaks to me about tradition. What do I return to?
Earth Magick?

I know that it also relates to wisdom. What is received from Source is to be used here on Earth.
The Wisdom is all there for us to use. It can be applied to any situation and now I am seeing that.
I usually get upset when others around me are just not willing to aid me on my process, especially when I ask a simple question and get a response that is full of distaste and fear.
This morning I received just that and it made me think.
I still moved forward and accepted the situation at hand. I allowed it to take place and understood that it could be done later. My attitude remained peaceful and happy. I thanked the person for all their help and also advised them that "It is okay".
This pushed the energy around us in a different direction. Instead of becoming frustrated or in a state of confusion, the energy pushed towards helping and understanding. He went above and beyond his state of comfort and tried...yes tried his very best to see if anyone could help me...and he found someone. They were there all along.
I was at first baffled by this incident. I now understand just how much our attitude on life and our attachment to things of a shadow nature can really lead us down a road of distruction. A positive outlook and a thankful heart can lead us down a road of distruction...wait that doesn't sound right.
Oh yes I meant to clarify that last part:
A positive outlook and a thankful heart can lead us down a road of positive distruction. Yes, that sounds better.
What path are you going to take?
They both lead to a road of distruction, but are you wanting to have it run smooth or bumpy?
I know that I am willing to take a path less traveled on, if it means that I am allowed to shine. I am not willing to take a path that forces me to not exist, for I was born to exist.

Blessed Be.

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