Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/12/2012: Abundance and Hope

9/12/2012 Wednesday:

As I look into my crystal mirror, I see the empress wishing for something. The spark of life is always around. The thought can be present within our life and we will never know it.
I feel an announcement coming forth.
Maybe the announcement of a child.
The thought of my niece Victoria comes to mind. A child may be concieved.

The empress returns to the water, in order to be cleansed and to create.
The star shines down on her and blesses her wish.
A wish.
What is a wish?
It is a prayer that enables us to move forward.
A prayer.

Sometimes the wishes that are sent out into the great flow of energy can clutter up. They can mix with a desire led by temptation. They can create the unwanted, because we think more about what can cause disaster, rather than what can cause greatness.
What is your wish?
My wish is to acknowledge the happiness within my life. To honor the good.
I can get hung up on so many things at work, that I forget the small miracles taking place.
I woke up with the intent to destroy.
Then I quickly switched my thoughts to the good.
I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am wonderful.
I began to pray. To perform a teatment on myself.
Now I stand within the good.
Now I recognize the good within my life and state it to be here at this present moment.
I had to bring myself back to the present moment.
This is where the hope starts.
I hope to recognize the greatness in my life at this present moment.
I know there is abundance.
Now is the time to see it.

Blessed Be.

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