Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/22/2012: Throat Chakra and The Journey

9/22/2012 Saturday:

    Today the energy is about the spoken word. The vibration of the sounds we put together to form a sentence, can either create or destroy.
Funny, it feels like I have already talked about this.
Let me turn to the cards and the overall idea of the new spread I have learned. You know I have not even come up with a name for the Tarot Spread.

Yesterday talked about being a survivor. I don't know what the message of today is. Maybe it is because I just woke up and I am trying to pull information out of thin air. Even my spirit guide is taking it easy. I picture Salis, my spirit guide, on a hammock, swinging back and forth, enjoying the sun that shines in the spirit world.

The Throat Chakra is about speech and communication. The opposite of the throat chakra, when working with healing, is the Sacral Chakra. The Throat Chakra is associated with your Will.
The ability to move forward and make things happen. To take a step in any direction. I think that is what the cards are leaning towards. Finding the Will to move forward.
I know that sometimes I want to stop. To simply lay down in the isle 5, of the grocery store, and watch time pass me by. The people would move and the world would still turn. I think, with that thought, I take a step in any direction.

The journey can look scary, but it is up to us to find the road home. That is all I am looking for. I am looking to return home. The cards are stating to me that everything that is needed can be found within. Transformation, change, strength, will, power, and truth can all be found within us at this very moment. The card that is talking to me, more than the others, is the Transformation card. It is in the position called "Owl". This is about Mystery and Secrets. I associated this position with the High Priestess, things unseen within our life. Things that happen for a reason, but it is not revealed to us. Do we really have to know why?

In knowing why, we find that, it can take the shine off of what is given. It can lose its value within our life, and we place it on the shelf with everything. We forget about it, while we ask for help from Source, even though something has been given to us. Which knick-knack is the answer?

When I think of this thought, I turn to the movie "Return to Oz".
Dorothy Gale returns back to Oz and meets many new characters, each a personification of the talents within her, who help her achieve her goal once again. She is put to the test by the Gnome king and is forced to walk through rooms filled with knick-knacks. She has three chances to save her friends, by touching an item and stating "OZ". If she is correct, the item transforms back into a living being, but if she is wrong then she herself will turn into an item and live in Oz forever.
Dorothy is much smarter than the Gnome King. She lives within spirit and at times the spirit within her is manifested. Dorothy decides, on her last try, to leave it up to chance. She twirls and twirls until she is stopped by a stand or statue. She happens to come across a green jewel. She takes a breath and states "OZ". The scarecrow is transformed into his human self. She figures it out and understands that the items to touch are to be green.
Why this reference?

Sometimes you have to leave it up to Source to find the real truth. Sometimes you need to be in a tizzy to understand that the will and power is within you. Take a chance, take a breath, and say "OZ!"

Blessed Be.

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