Friday, September 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/21/2012: Dark Journey and Hope

9/21/2012 Friday:

The cards seem to be speaking about how people can sometimes forget just how strong they are. I decided to use the cards in a different manner. To set them up on a spread that will give me more information than what I already get about the Nature of the week. Is it a lot of information?

Now I am having a little problem with putting it all together. Maybe I need a little more time to look at the layout. Maybe it has to be done during the weekend.

How can I relate this information to a movie, song, or story?

Sometimes people forget their spiritual power that sits within. I was driving to work today and heard a song by Rebba Macyntire called "I'm a survivor". 
In the song she states: 
"I'm a survivor...I must of had my mama's will and God's amazing Grace"

This is what the cards have been talking about. The animals and their meanings are speaking of the will we have within us. The power we have to co-create our reality. Did you know that you are surviving right now?
As I type this, are you aware that you can do anything?

I know that I am able to move in any direction that seems possible. I know that I am ready to be moved. There are times in our life that we simply want to give up. To just let go and stand still for a moment. To take a breath. 

The spirits are talking and advising me that today is about that journey you are taking and the road that is ahead of you. Be prepared for the good that is here and that will enter into your life. Be ready to move. To take a stance. To fight for what you believe. Do not be afraid of what is coming. You have already survived the worst. 
What is the worst thing that has happened?

Well, you took your first breath. That is the hardest challenge in this lifetime. The choice to live. You decided to give it another go. To wake up and start over, stay the same, or make a change. 
You are surviving as I type this entry. You are moving. You decided to read. All the actions within your life and yet people complain because they see that nothing is happening.  Something is happening right now. Life is happening and you are moving forward whether you want to or not. 

Blessed Be. 

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