Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/24/2012: Mastering a new skill and Truth

9/24/2012 Monday:

    When I become bored, with what I am doing in life, I ask for a change to take place. Sometimes the change is unexpected. I think that Source is not listening when I become enraged, shake my fists in the air, and complain. I think that Source is also smiling, when I complain, at my thoughts and anger. Source knows that it is only a small moment within this life. It is simply a pebble that is thrown into the vast lake called "my spirit".
    The pebble may cause a ripple on the surface of the water, but deep below there is no movement from the action. The water below still flows in the direction of my divine plan. My spirit is recognizing the truth. I may not be seeing it at the present time, but my spirit is feeling it. You can not hide from Source. You may be able to hide from the life you are trying to live, but eventually your spirit will pull you in the proper direction. You will make a decision that will seem like an out of body experience.
    The Mastering of a new skill does not mean that you will learn something new, for nothing is new within this world. Truth is not new. Your life is not new. We will come into a skill that will add to our current spiritual gift. We will attach one more wonderful thing to our "life resume".
Have you ever written a life resume?
Imagine how long it would be, for you have done so much. It is not just the wonderful things that you have done within this lifetime. It is composed of the small mishaps, joyful mistakes, and crazy adventures that you have had here on this Earth. What if you were hired at a job for the charismatic dances you did when there is joy in your life?
 You know, the ones that you do in the bathroom when you think no one is looking, or how about an employer tallies up the small miracles that you had a hand in.
    What if you were hired at a job, for blowing out all your candles on all of the birthday cakes you have had so far?
What if you won a prize for trying?
Wouldn't that be wonderful. To win a prize for taking a step. For breathing. For getting up in the morning and checking in. How delicious would that be?
What if you were rewarded for helping a person, by returning their grocery cart for them?
What if you were given words of encouragement when you fell, instead of having the obvious pointed out?
What if?
What if all this is happening right now?
Did you know that you are rewarded every time that these things take place?
You are.
The sun rising is your reward. The moon and the stars are your reward. The gentle breeze across your face is your reward. The car you drive, the friends you have, the love you receive from your partner is your reward. So tally them up. Count them on a piece of paper. You will soon find out that, by doing this, the job you want will come your way, the world will turn in your favor, and the stars will shine brighter than before.

Blessed Be.

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