Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/25/2012: Holding On to Things and Letting Go

9/25/2012 Tuesday:

Is anyone out there?
I write the entry in order to understand my own energy. Sometimes I do not want to state anything about the nature of today. Sometimes I feel like it is a chore. That it is work to state something so obvious. Is anyone really reading this?
I know there are a few who truly read the entry everyday, but is it making a difference? I have been faced with such great opportunities within my life and sometimes there are people, places, and things that I need to let go of, in order to move forward. Is this Blog one of them?
Time spent on it everyday may be simple, but there are other things that I would rather be doing. The spiritual need to explain things will always be within my grasp, and even the strongest Tarot Readers have day jobs. I am not ready at this moment to take on more clients and make Tarot Reading a full time job. Also I am not willing to compromise my life and all its joy just to please someone else. What does my spirit say?

Well I woke up and decided that there is too much to take in at this point in time. The Obelisk was speaking to me, asking to be taken to work, then my Tarot Cards starting screaming at me "Take us, Take us!".
So I took three minutes out of my morning to pack them up and put them in my bag. Then I started to wonder, what in my life can be put on the back burner?
There are three major things going on in my life at this time: Love, Work, and School. 
Everything else within my life are just details. Do I have the time to focus on all three? 
I really only have the time to focus on two major events at a time. Yes, I may be a great multitask-er, but eventually even a person of this nature must focus on Oneself. 
Wait! I forgot that is the most important thing. To focus on Myself. 
Great, now there are four major things going on in my life....but isn't doing all of this taking care of myself?

I understand that you have to let go of things in order for the energy to return to you. I have to spend in order for money to be produced. The cycle must take place or it will blocked by unwanted energy. 
What am I trying to state here?
That when I do a one word, sentence, or paragraph entry then you are getting a bang for your buck. Most Mystics talk and talk until there is an A-ha moment within the person's life. This Mystic is advising you that you have to maybe do the talking for yourself with the information that is given to you in certain entries. If it is a one word entry, then maybe meditation on what that one word is may be required. 

Blessed Be.  

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