Friday, September 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/28/2012: Love and Harmony

9/28/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany,

The wind was blowing yesterday in an intent to make things move from their spot. I have witnessed this kind of wind before. It always comes into my life when there is a change taking place. A change that would cause me to leave everything behind and move to a different place. Some would say that I was a nomad. A nomad can be a positive thing at this point in time.
Have you had this kind of wind enter into your life?

There was a time when I would sit and listen to the wind speak of change. I use to listen with such heart and move with every guided step. Sometimes I would question the information being given and other times I would simply allow things to manifest. Now I understand that the wind was not causing me to move. I was choosing to make the change happen and to simply take a leap of faith. The wind is blowing again but this time it is advising me that a change is going to happen, and I must be prepared. It can only bring about good change. So I welcome it with open arms and allow it to take me to a great destination.

The cards speak of a relationship that will be of harmony. Maybe a new blood-tie will take place. Maybe a new friend will be made, and in this process, opportunity will happen. One thing I want to mention to you, is that all things work in a circular motion. It goes in and out, up and down, and side to side. 

If you were a client and the two cards showed up in a reading, I would ask certain questions, but this is not about what the card could mean, this is about how the card's energy can be applied to your life. Love is eternal and it is the power source that you can pull from, as a light bringer, to create and destroy. 
Even the smallest obstacle can be destroyed with Love. Today is no different than yesterday. Time is still measured in minutes and hours. The sun still sets  and the moon still shines. The ocean still exists. 
Have you ever noticed that things do not really change, it is the person that changes and notices the wonderful things that have been around them, for so long?
What will you notice today with the new found eyes of Love?
Will you understand that when change (the Hierophant #5) comes walking into your life, there will always be a time of Peace and harmony (the Lovers #6). 
Now I understand that the cards are not here to reveal truth, they are here to help us understand that truth has been there all along, now it is time to apply it to the experience we have created. Created with Love. 

Blessed Be. 

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