Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/27/2012: Doubt and Wisdom

9/27/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany,

  Doubt, Fear, Stress, and Mishaps can lead us down a path of destruction, that causes more harm than good. Have you ever noticed that when you sit in traffic, you wonder about things that have happened or may have taken place in the past?
I was thinking about life before Christ was born. Do you think they had traffic within their life?
Maybe a temple or building was being constructed and there was a traveler stuck behind a giant brick being moved. Do you think they complained and had road rage?
Was there even a road to follow?
Let us take this thought and apply it to our life. Where is there traffic within our thought process. Do you think Source is the car complaining or the car causing the slow down?
Or do you think Source is the car caught in the middle?

I guess I am stating that stress, doubt, and fear are a constant within our life, because they are associated with change. Accidents happen on our path to advise us that we are to take caution to the signs along the way. If you did not pay attention to the destruction within your life, then you also would not have paid attention to the signs from the Universe that are all around you, advising you to take a left or get off on this ramp. 

I think that Source is the car that is complaining...complaining that we are not listening to the good within our life. 
I also think that Source is the car causing the traffic....causing the traffic, advising us to slow down and listen. 
I also think that Source is the passenger within our car, pointing out that we need to keep our eyes on the road and keep moving. The distraction is not of importance for it does not involve you. 
There is so much to think about when driving. So much to ponder. 
What will tomorrow hold for me?
I really do not know, but I do know that there is traffic within my life at this very moment. So my advice to you is to go with the flow of it. Sit back and enjoy. Drive. Even if there is no movement for five minutes, there is movement on the other side of it. Eventually you will see that it was all worth it. The process is where all the laughter, joy, and happiness also take place. So laugh at the stress in your life. Laugh at the doubt. Laugh at what may take place, for you know that it will be good. Laugh at those who state that you will get no where in life with that kind of attitude, for they have just as much doubt as you do. The only difference with your doubt, is that you are willing to leap into the unknown. They are willing to stay stuck in one place and hope for the best. You are willing to take action and know that the best is happening at this very moment. 

I do hope that this finds you in good spirits Brittany. Take care and enjoy the car ride into greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

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