Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/11/2012: Destiny and Spiritual Strength

10/11/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

I was writing about this in my journal yesterday, and I started to think about Destiny. 
When we set off on our journey, we must always cross a body of water, whether it is small or large, a river or a stream, the ocean or a pond. The rocks or boat that you are traveling on, or in, can be viewed as Destiny. Sometimes we venture deep enough to see that there is no other route to take but a great leap of faith. Sometimes the storm seems like it is preventing us from moving forward. The waves become choppy. The rock trail ends within the stream. We look forward for another route. A rock trail leading us back the other way, if visible, but why would Source be leading us backward?
We could take that leap of Faith and end up swimming with the current, moving towards the great waterfall at the end, or we could travel backwards. The choice is yours. 
Then there is the time when you make the leap of Faith, and Source puts a new rock on your path, just at the nick of time. 
How much Faith do you have?
Our spiritual strength is there to guide us through the trials and tribulations in our life. It leads us to someplace wonderful. 

There are times in our life that we have to tame the wild beast within us. The beast that wants to come out and destroy all that we have created. 
The Wolf and the Three little pigs. 
The Wolf within us wants to huff and puff and blow our spiritual house down. I like to make the Fourth house a brick house and add a glass house in exchange, for the third house. 
The Wolf would eventually figure out that he could simply throw a stone at it and break all that we have built. 
Could a storm be like the Wolf?
The storm that brews inside of you. 
The Wolf only has power if you build all that you believe in, with quick materials set around you. 
The Fourth pig was smart. He gathered his materials, planned for his house, and put forth effort. 
But remember that even a Stone Tower can be brought to the ground by Divine Love. 
Do not get to big for your pants, for there will always be some experience in our life to humble us. 
Is this a day of being humble?
It is also a day of acknowledging just how wonderful you are, and understanding that so is everyone else. If you see good within your life, then others will recognize their good as well, and all will work out in your favor. 

Blessed Be. 

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