Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/10/2012: Patience and Force

10/10/2012 Wednesday:

Two opposite cards working together to bring about this great time of change. Did you know that you have been changing this whole year. Every card depicts a wonderful state of creation within all of us. As a whole, we are growing, and becoming so strong with our Faith. I had to deal with my Ego yesterday, and it showed me a lot of things that I was doing without thought or action. I would get upset because I thought there was this unseen competition between a co-worker and I. Did he know about this?
My motive of operation is to state that there is a situation that I am aware of, so in turn they should be aware of this as well. Then I proceed to put judgement against this wonderful person who is simply existing, and start to form regret. Regret for words unsaid. Words that were never stated to this person and then leads to regret for action not taken. Then I begin to blame, and blame is not an easy energy to dispel. It lingers in the dark of the night and can latch onto us with great force. Funny how all this happened within my own mind and never really took action or form. 
How did I get over this?
I simply understood that they are just as worthy as me. They are just as deserving of all the great things in this life. I was thinking that they are not, for the action and path that they are taking seems negative. Want to hear something funny?
I was walking down the same road as them. By thinking that they were unworthy, I was holding their hand while they walked a negative path into destruction. 
Did I decide to let go?
I sure did. I decided to send awesome rays of love to this person. To beam it out of every pore on my body and make sure that they felt that worthiness press up against their body. 
I understood that I was released from hurt and pain. Now I work with great effort and intent, rather than work to get ahead. 
Have you ever noticed that you are the only one running on this race-track? Have you ever looked down and tried to get ahead of your shadow? 
The key to all of this is to let go of all the old habits. The old thought patterns that have been with you since High School. Oh, to return to what we once knew as familiar. As easy and happy. To return to the past a little bit wiser. Would you make the same mistakes?
I would. 
I would relive all of it, for it has made me this wonderful person that stands before you. Well not actually standing in front of you, but you know what I mean. 

Blessed Be. 

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