Friday, October 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/19/2012: The Heart Chakra and Movement

10/19/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany, 

It was so wonderful to see you last night at Grandma's Birthday dinner. The light inside of you is still shinning and the choices you are making now are going to lead you to something so wonderful. 

Memories are funny little things. They come flooding into our minds at different points in our day. They can sometimes cause us to cry, to remember, to feel pain, but one thing is for sure, they allow us to think of something we have done in the past to aid us in learning a lesson. The lesson we have learned can be applied to our life. We may feel pain but it is simply an emotion. Have you noticed that we still survive. We still move within this life and become something so great in the process. 

Have you ever noticed that we still move in a circular motion. That is how our Heart Chakra processes the energy we receive from other people. It moves in a motion that represents the infinity symbol. Always pushing the proper energy into the proper place, allowing us to become the light being that we are. When healers get into the grove of things, they feel for this source of energy. The Heart Chakra is also associated with the love we have for ourselves and others. Who do you care for?

What if I told you that life is still moving forward and it will do so, with or without your approval?
What would you do then?
Would your choices and decisions change?
The Chariot carries us to our next destination. The Chariot is balance and also it advises us that we have everything we need to make this journey. All tools are there. If we get a flat, well pull out your spare tire and crowbar, fix the damn thing, and keep on going with your donut tire in place. Sometimes the donut tire will carry us 100 miles farther than expected. 

Take small breaths through out the day and smile through your Heart Chakra. Allow all the good to enter into your life and know that you are wonderful, you are special, you are unique. Has anyone told you that lately?
Well, I am stating it to you now. You are light, now shine!

Blessed Be.  

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