Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/20/2012: The Throat Chakra and Strength

10/20/2012 Saturday:


When life gives you everything you want, do you often find yourself hyperventilating every few seconds?

I have been doing it constantly. I think of the love and opportunity that is set before me and in turn I get scared. Afraid of always returning to what was in the past. Thinking that it will all end at some point, and the funny thing is that it will never end, unless I wish it so. The good within my life is constant.

The energy will be about speaking this good into existence. Naming it. Advising...

I am in such a mood. The spiritual strength does not come easy for a Mystic. Even spiritual beings struggle with the life they live. They wish to be on a different plane, away from the everyday sludge that is within this reality. I think that frustration can sometimes be mistaken for spiritual growth. We are constantly moving forward whether we like it or not. We can stand still and wait for things to happen, but then when we begin to complain that it is not what was desired, then we have to remember that we allowed it to take place. I can advise you that if you simply walked forward with the intent that everything is good, then you will receive just that. Good. You will be taken to the right place and the right time. Everything will work out perfectly, so let it all go. Stop worrying. Speak of only good. Speak of the good in your life and have that Faith that everything is perfect. Even the rain that falls is perfect.

Blessed Be.

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