Friday, October 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/26/2012: Defeat and Balance

10/26/2012 Friday: 

Brian always tells me that for every good that happens there is an equal and opposite bad that takes place within this world, and vise verse. Let us discuss this a bit further. 

The energy of today is about defeat and the mark it leaves on us. Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind, but the race is only against our self. There is no one else trying to beat us. There is no competition on this path. You are running because you think that if you are not first in line, then someone surely will be. Defeat is not about losing. Defeat does not mean that the war is over. It simply means that you are on a different path. That you are allowing the good to take over, you finally stop trying to go against the flow of energy, and go with it. 
No matter what takes place, whether it is good or bad, it is always taking place because you need it. Destruction is never bad, nor is destruction a way of defeat. It enters into our life to cause the change to take place. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you are still alive. It has not killed you. Destruction is simply the reaction that takes place when you ask for an answer. When you scream at Source to get you out of the state of stagnant energy. 
There is always a balance of energy happening. That is why the common statement that "the wind from one door closing opens another" is stated when the act of defeat takes place. The energy of one action leaving our existence flows into our divine path and attaches itself to another thought of action. The right thought of action. 

Sometimes defeat is needed in order for us to see just how worthy we are of the good in our life. Sometimes others have to suffer in order for us to understand just how wonderful our life is at that moment, and that we should stop complaining about how we didn't receive what was desired, because sometimes we receive exactly what is needed. The wind has to come from somewhere, from someone, and in turn you can not tell the wind where to blow, nor give it any kind of order. The wind blows at just the perfect moment and in turn at the nick of time. 

Blessed Be. 


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